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Next.js WordPress Starter Demo

Our starter for headless WordPress projects. View the Github repo and read the documentation to learn more.

This is a banner for the WebDevStudios NextJS Starter that says, "Start your Headless WordPress project with the industry experts," and includes the WebDevStudios logo and URL, which is WebDevStudios dot com

Why WordPress as a Headless CMS?

A Headless Content Management System (Headless CMS) acts as a bridge between your main website platform and your library of content, such as blog posts, static text, and media. Enter Headless WordPress. WordPress is already the world’s most popular CMS, making it an easy, go-to solution when you find yourself in need of a Headless CMS.

Free... Forever

Do you care about owning your data? Are you concerned about recurring SaaS CMS costs? Headless WordPress is the obvious choice. WordPress has been around since 2003, is open-source, can be hosted on your server, and has a talented community of professional developers supporting it. Unlike SasS CMS, you don’t have to worry about Terms of Service, your data being sold, the SaaS being shut down, or worse, being gated, if you fall behind on your monthly payment.

Speed & Security Baked In

Hosting your decoupled frontend on the Jamstack virtually eliminates the threat of a WordPress server or database hack, since hackers won't even know you have a WordPress installed in the first place. When a traffic spike occurs, you can rest assured that your site won't go down because your frontend is nothing more than HTML, CSS, and JavaScript served from highly capable CDNs. There’s no server side rendering or database calls to slow things down.


The biggest benefit of using WordPress as a headless CMS is that it’s comfortable. Today's content editors and writers have established a familiarity with the WordPress dashboard. Making the decision to move to a new CMS should not be taken lightly, since your content creators will need to learn a new system. This type of transition could cost you more than you think, and worse, might even stunt their creativity, which may hinder their ability to create amazing content!